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Covelent are growth strategy partners
for service & capital intensive industries.

Not all growth creates value, some growth destroys it. Sector leaders orient on
value-creating growth, and we build and execute the strategies to maximise it.

A train tunnel showing an informed perspective

Informed Perspectives on market and target attractiveness

The importance of scrutinising market attractiveness, competitive positioning, and the synergy estimation in the due diligence process are not simply limited to M&A activity. The value of commercial due diligence for large corporate multinationals is what separates good decisions from great ones.

> New Perspectives

Capital Allocation Strategy In the Current economic climate

Your Capital Allocation Strategy defines the use of financial and human resources to create transparency on your current portfolio and process. Enabling your leadership teams to know where it's investing capital and operating expenditure in order to grow the business. Undertaking this against the current market backdrop is not just another facet to consider, it might just be the key to sustainable success.

> A Holistic View
As markets continue to change, shaped by geo-politics, globalisation and supply chain challenges, here are the most
frequently discussed topics amongst executives and leadership teams when we speak with businesses.

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The link between boardroom strategies and the frontline—blending industry expertise with data science and data-led technology solutions where and when it's needed most. Delivering customer focused, lasting transformations enabled by data and insights.

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Customer Experience
Digital Transformation

Strategy and innovation are critical to balancing today’s needs with tomorrow’s opportunities. Achieving parity between understanding the why questions of where your business goes next and the how questions of implementing those strategies to deliver tangible value. We help people tackle their most pressing business questions.

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Corporate Strategy
Business Unit Strategy
Due Diligence
Sales & Marketing

Solutions are the growth engine for competitive advantage and encompass strategy execution, agile delivery and technology development. Together they propel strategic decision-making, foster innovation, and optimise efficiency. Enabling businesses to streamline processes, enhance data management, and bolster their bottom line while ensuring scalability, security, and usability across their technology systems.

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Strategy Implementation
Team Augmentation
Digital & Technology

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