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Energy shapes our world. It fuels industries, strengthens communities, and creates the backbone of civilisations. As the conventional lines within the industry are dissolving, our team lights the path to the future of energy for our clients.

Energy and utilities companies must be prepared to continually adapt and reposition themselves. At Covelent, we understand the immense pressures faced by the industry, from tightening regulations and new competition to the critical need for sustainable energy solutions. As leaders in energy and utilities consulting, we help our clients navigate these challenges with confidence and expertise.

Navigating Sector Pressures

Utility companies are under immense pressure from a shifting competitive landscape, rapidly evolving regulations, and the escalating threat of climate change. Covelent’s energy and utilities consulting expertise enables our clients to turn these challenges into opportunities. By leveraging our extensive experience across five continents, we help power generators, electric and gas utilities, renewable energy providers, and multi-utility conglomerates become more efficient, innovative, and impactful.

The Role of Energy Infrastructure

Energy infrastructure is undergoing radical changes, from new transcontinental gas projects to the increased electrification of transportation and the expansion of microgrids. At Covelent, we provide strategic guidance on managing these transformations. Our proprietary tool, Hydra by Covelent, enables governments to identify optimal locations for facilities, plants, and generators, ensuring the efficient and effective deployment of energy resources.

Addressing Consumer Challenges

The evolving consumer landscape presents unique challenges for utilities. Customers demand greater value and a seamless experience. Covelent’s utilities consulting focuses on developing digital tools and interfaces that improve how consumers interact with energy and utilities companies. We help our clients enhance customer experience, retool operating models, and implement data strategies to lead the digital revolution.

Supporting M&A Activity and IPOs

The energy sector is ripe with opportunities for mergers, acquisitions, and initial public offerings (IPOs). Covelent’s energy consulting services include strategic advice on M&A activity, ensuring our clients maximise value and achieve their growth objectives. Our expertise in pricing and commercial strategies helps clients navigate the complexities of these transactions.

Partnering with Governments and Policymakers

At Covelent, we understand the pivotal role of governments and policymakers in the energy and utilities sectors. Our energy and utilities consulting services support these stakeholders in developing and implementing effective energy strategies.

We work with government agencies to create policies promoting sustainability, decarbonisation, and innovation. Our proprietary tool, Hydra by Covelent, helps governments identify optimal locations for energy facilities, ensuring efficient resource deployment.

Our expertise aids policymakers in navigating regulatory complexities and designing frameworks that encourage investment in renewable energy and enhance grid reliability. We also facilitate public-private partnerships, driving large-scale energy projects to achieve sustainability goals and foster economic growth.

Comprehensive Energy Strategy

Covelent provides a holistic approach to energy strategy, covering all facets of the industry:


  • Electricity: Guiding clients through the generation and distribution of electrical power, ensuring reliability and sustainability.
  • Gas: Assisting in the efficient and safe distribution of natural gas, from pipelines to end-users.
  • Renewables: Offering renewables consulting to promote solar, wind, and hydro-electric power, helping clients transition to greener energy sources.
  • Wind: Advising on the development and optimisation of wind energy projects.
  • Solar: Facilitating the integration and expansion of solar power solutions.
  • Hydro-Electric: Supporting the implementation of hydro-electric power, leveraging natural resources for sustainable energy production.


  • Water: Enhancing water utility services, focusing on efficiency, sustainability, and regulatory compliance.
  • Waste: Leading the charge in waste management and recycling, promoting a circular economy that benefits both the environment and the bottom line.

Covelent: Your Partner in Energy and Utilities Consulting

As a leading consultancy in the energy and utilities sector, Covelent has partnered with national energy companies and governments to set and execute comprehensive energy strategies. Our deep sector knowledge and innovative tools, such as Hydra by Covelent, position us uniquely to help our clients navigate the complexities of the modern energy landscape.

Our approach ensures that we not only address the immediate challenges but also equip our clients with the strategies and tools needed for long-term success. With a focus on decarbonisation, digital transformation, and sustainable growth, Covelent is your trusted partner in energy and utilities consulting.

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Less likely to leverage insight-backed decision making vs other sectors.


Of European utility companies are yet to deploy AI capabilities


Typical cost saving post digital transformation

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