Sales Strategy And An Analytics Powered Growth Engine







Revamp manufacturing company's sales and marketing approach by shifting from platform to direct customers, leveraging customer data for predictive insights and fostering a brand community for product innovation.

Limited customer understanding, reliance on third-party platforms, unpredictable sales patterns, stagnant product innovation, and disconnected customer engagement.

Transitioned to direct customer relationships, harnessed customer data for predictive analytics, initiated a brand community for idea generation, and tailored marketing strategies based on insights.

How we helped

Our approach began by shifting the manufacturer's focus from platform sales to direct customer engagement. By developing an e-commerce platform, the company established a direct connection with customers, enabling them to gather detailed transactional and behavioral data. Leveraging this data, we implemented advanced analytics and machine learning models to predict shopping behaviors and trends. This allowed the manufacturer to anticipate customer preferences, optimize inventory, and create personalised marketing campaigns. Additionally, by identifying patterns in customer behavior, the company could strategically time promotions and discounts to maximize sales. In parallel, we helped the manufacturer create an online brand community. This platform allowed customers to provide feedback, suggest ideas, and engage in discussions. Valuable insights from the community were integrated into new product designs, ensuring alignment with customer desires.


The transformation yielded remarkable outcomes. Sales saw a steady growth, with a 35% increase in direct customer sales within the first quarter. Customer engagement surged as the brand community flourished, resulting in a 40% rise in customer-initiated product ideas, enhancing innovation. Predictive analytics enabled inventory optimisation, reducing production costs by 15%, and minimising stockouts by 85%. This efficiency translated into a 10% improvement in supply chain costs and a 22% increase in overall profitability. Marketing campaigns became more effective, with targeted efforts leading to a 35% higher conversion rate compared to previous strategies. Customer retention also improved, with a 20% decrease in churn rate due to personalised engagement.

Key outcomes

Increase in profitability
QoQ Sales Growth
Inventory efficiency
Increase in customer engagement
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