Private Equity & Investors

Private equity firms and investors face an ever-shifting landscape, necessitating continuous evolution, reassessment of portfolios, and innovative investment strategies.

Private Equity

Our Private Equity team assist firms throughout the entire deal life cycle, with deep expertise in Due Diligence. We deliver strategic insights for investment decision-making, active management of portfolio companies, and enhancement of investment firm strategies and development. Our team offers a diverse and deep understanding of private equity and the complexities of investments. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring unique perspectives across various industries and operational areas, leading to fundamentally distinctive approaches in private equity consulting.


For private and corporate investors, including institutional entities such as pension funds, endowments, foundations, and sovereign wealth funds. Our team, composed of industry experts and senior advisors, is well-placed in the unique challenges and complexities faced by these investors. We engage in comprehensive macroeconomic research to provide insights into global and regional investment landscapes, helping our clients navigate shifts and capitalise on opportunities. Annually, we work 5 leading institutional investors on numerous engagements, demonstrating our commitment to creating impactful and sustainable solutions.

What We Do

Our services encompass a wide range of activities designed to optimise investment outcomes. This includes:

  • Investment Screening: We employ a systematic process to identify and qualify investment opportunities. Our approach includes providing investable insights, thematic ideas, and access to proprietary research and data.
  • Due Diligence: Our due diligence service is analytics-driven, incorporating a vast repository of proprietary knowledge. We evaluate investment targets across all sectors.
  • Portfolio Development: Post-investment, we assist clients in developing aggressive, targeted action plans. Our services extend beyond the initial 100 days, focusing on medium-term improvement strategies with an exit strategy perspective.
  • Exit Support: We guide clients through planning, preparation, and execution phases for exits, including auctions and IPOs. Our approach includes developing coherent business plans and providing support in various aspects like sell-side documentation.
  • Firm Strategy and Development: We advise on strategic choices to enhance fund and firm performance, addressing aspects like competitive positioning, investment processes, governance structure, and operational improvement.

Core Capabilities

Our core capabilities are underpinned by a suite of proprietary tools and a wealth of expertise:

  • Governance Bank: A comprehensive resource detailing the roles and responsibilities in plan governance, reflecting best practices and insights from our engagements.
  • Cultural Diagnostic: A tool to assess and shape an organisation’s approach to risk management, identifying root causes of risk incidents.
  • Functional Benchmarking: Tailored surveys for institutional investors, using regression analysis and qualitative assessments to benchmark against industry best practices.
  • Organisational Health Check: A quantitative tool measuring elements of organisational effectiveness that correlate directly with financial performance.

Industry Insights

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