Q2 2023 Data Landscape Report

Front cover of the Covelent Q2 Data Landscape report with white font on red cover
The Q223 Data Landscape Report highlights the growing dominance of open-source software, data lakehouses, hybrid skill sets, continuous learning, scalable data infrastructure, and data governance and lineage.

Q223 is likely to be pivotal to a number of data intensive industries. We unveil the transformative trends in data engineering that are shaping the future of businesses. The report is packed with compelling data points and insights driving the rapidly evolving world of data.

The report highlights the growing dominance of open-source software in data engineering, with technologies like Apache Kafka, Spark, and Hadoop leading the charge. Find out why 60% of companies are more likely to retain top talent with open-source knowledge, and a staggering 80% of companies see immediate cost savings by using open-source software.

The report also introduces the concept of data lakehouses, a hybrid of data lakes and data warehouses. It presents compelling arguments for their adoption, including improved performance, scalability, better security, and cost-effectiveness.

The importance of hybrid skill sets in data engineers is another key focus of the report. Understand why 60% of businesses struggle to hire the right person, and 85% are looking for a hybrid skill set and what you can do about it now, to ease the burden as hiring in this space becomes far more competitive.

The report emphasises the importance of continuous learning in the data engineering field. It shares an impressive statistic that 95% of data contractors who dedicate time to continuous learning say they're hired because of it.

Scalability is another critical concern addressed in the report. It cites a Harvard Business Review report stating that 92% of firms report that the pace of investments in data and AI projects is accelerating, highlighting the need for scalable data infrastructure.

The report concludes with a focus on data governance and lineage, stressing their importance in ensuring data quality, security, and compliance.

In summary, the Q223 Data Landscape Report by Covelent is a treasure trove of insights and data points that will help you understand the future of data engineering. It's a must-read for anyone looking to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field.

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