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Covelent are an independent management consultancy working at the executive level across industry and government to create value and drive growth.

We partner alongside our clients as one cohesive team with shared goals, ideals and vision capable of achieving extraordinary results, outperforming the competition, and redefining industries.

Our approach is one built upon the fundamentals of insight-backed decision making, meaning we advocate for a novel perspective for each client and challenge. This unique mindset and methodology set us apart, guiding our clients towards the most impactful outcomes.

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A word from our CEO

"As a firm, we are uniquely placed to rapidly bring insight-backed sector, function and capability expertise to a client situations, enabling them to confidently make the right time-critical business decisions that lead to real impact.”

Nik Nicholas, Managing Partner

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Our Vision

Our vision is simple. To be the bedrock of great decisions. Championing the integration of data and insights as the cornerstone for creating a high-impact society. We envision a world where better decisions are made powered by data.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring unparalleled clarity and depth to decision-making processes at the highest level. By harmonising our expertise in strategy, transformation, and implementation. We aim to transform data into actionable insights, empowering leaders to craft strategies that not only address current challenges but also pave the way for sustainable growth and societal advancement for this generation and the next.

Our Culture

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Our culture is intrinsically linked to the high-impact outcomes we strive to achieve. This ethos of making a tangible difference permeates through every layer of our organisation, not just in our direct interactions with clients but also in the wider scope of their influence and the society at large. It is a culture that inspires every team member to not only think strategically but also act with a purpose that extends beyond the immediate business objectives.

This culture of high impact is meticulously woven into every aspect of our work, from the initial stages of strategy formulation to the final phases of implementation. It drives us to relentlessly pursue results that matter, results that not only signify business success but also contribute to societal betterment. Our team is united by this shared vision, fostering a collaborative environment where innovation, integrity, and excellence are not just encouraged but are fundamental to our identity.

This commitment to high impact is further reflected in our approach to problem-solving. We tackle challenges not just with analytical rigour but with a creative mindset that seeks to uncover the deeper implications of our work. We understand that our recommendations and actions have the potential to shape industries, influence policy, and transform communities. Therefore, we approach every project with a sense of responsibility and a commitment to creating sustainable, long-lasting value.

Our Impact

Our impact is deeply rooted in our unique collaborative approach. Our method involves an immersive experience, where we delve deeply into the worlds of those we serve, understanding their industries, their specific challenges, and their aspirations. This intimate knowledge allows us to tailor our strategies and solutions in a way that ensures real, tangible impact and value.

Our impact manifests in various dimensions. First, it's seen in the measurable outcomes we achieve for our clients – be it increased efficiency, improved profitability, or enhanced market positioning. We pride ourselves on delivering results that are not only quantifiable but also sustainable over the long term.

Secondly, our impact extends beyond the immediate scope of our projects. By working closely with our clients, we influence broader industry trends and contribute to shaping best practices. Our collaborative approach often leads to innovations that redefine industry standards.

Lastly, the societal impact of our work is significant. By addressing complex challenges in service and capital-intensive industries, we not only contribute to the economic success of our clients but also to the betterment of communities and societies in which they operate. Our solutions are designed not just for business success but for creating a positive ripple effect that benefits a wider audience.

Our Commitments

Our firm upholds an unwavering commitment to sustainability, accessibility, and the eradication of modern slavery, aligning these principles with our strategic consultancy expertise.


We recognise that sustainable practices are not just a corporate responsibility, but a strategic imperative. Our approach is analytically rigorous and environmentally conscious, ensuring that our recommendations foster long-term ecological balance and social equity.


In terms of accessibility, we are dedicated to creating inclusive environments where diverse talents and perspectives are valued and nurtured. This commitment extends beyond our internal operations to the strategies we develop for our clients, ensuring that accessibility is at the forefront of every organisational decision.

Read our Accessibility Statement

Anti Slavery

Furthermore, we are resolutely opposed to all forms of modern slavery. Our robust compliance mechanisms and ethical guidelines ensure that our operations, and those of our clients, are free from exploitative practices. We actively work to raise awareness and implement strategies that contribute to the eradication of modern slavery in all its forms.In embodying these values, our firm not only advises clients on strategic growth but also on cultivating a responsible and ethical business ethos that contributes positively to society and the environment.

Read our Modern Slavery statement
Our values

We're united by our values that help drive us and serve as the bedrock for our culture.

High Impact

•  Delivering Excellence: Upholding the highest standard of work in every endeavor.
•  Transformative Solutions: Creating significant value that transcends client expectations.
•  Sustainable Outcomes: Aiming for long-term success and a lasting positive impact for our clients and society.

Deep Insights

•  Insightful Analysis: Leveraging data to provide deep, actionable insights.
•  Informed Strategies: Guiding decisions with comprehensive and accurate data.
•  Forward-Thinking: Utilising data to address current challenges and anticipate future trends.

Client Centric

•  Understanding First: Prioritising a deep understanding of client needs, contexts, and objectives.
•  Tailored Solutions: Creating customised strategies that precisely address specific client challenges.
•  Lasting Relationships: Fostering enduring relationships built on trust, mutual respect, and successful outcomes.

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What people say
very forthcoming and moved very fast on getting the right people in and the skillset was hard to find in the market."


Leading UK Energy COmpany
“The most helpful part was having access to Covelent as experts to answer questions" - Alfi Romusas, Chief Technology Officer

Alfi Romusas, Cheif Technology Officer

Arthriko Capital Technologies
“Covelent did a stellar job at identifying the root causes of our data challenges and steering us to address them in our own way. We were really impressed ”

Chief Information Officer

Leading London Estate Agency
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