Consumer Packaged Goods

Today's market is driven by discerning consumers. They're not only interested in quality and value but also have a keen understanding of technology.

Expectations are high, the landscape changing, and the industry must innovate to entice these sophisticated consumers, fostering both imagination and loyalty.

Our collaboration with partners across the consumer goods spectrum is aimed at keeping pace with the ever-changing consumer demands. We turn disruptions into opportunities for growth, fuelled by real-time insights, proprietary data, and the power of AI.

We enhance our clients' capabilities by fortifying their operational foundations and cultivating their teams' talent. Our joint efforts are shaping the future by scaling novel businesses and introducing sustainable products.

From conception to execution, we're pushing the envelope with innovative approaches like omni-channel strategies, direct-to-consumer models, and live commerce. In doing so, we offer an international presence while maintaining local relevance.

How We Help CPG Clients

  • Consumer Insights

    In sectors ranging from the food industry to consumer durable goods, managing a diverse product portfolio demands innovative approaches to leveraging consumer insights. Our unique Demand Centric Growth methodology provides a detailed analysis of factors influencing consumer choices in various categories or niches. This insight enables the creation of advantaged positions in the market with robust growth potential.
  • Digital Marketing

    The journey to digital marketing maturity presents a universal challenge within the consumer products sector. We assist CPG companies in integrating digital tools, fostering collaboration with agencies and martech providers, and harmonising the talents of in-house staff with external creatives. This strategic synthesis is key to driving impactful results.
  • Digital Supply Chain

    The CPG industry, historically dominated by vertically integrated companies, is evolving towards a model reliant on a diverse ecosystem of external partners. Our approach involves a fundamental reorientation, beginning with a thorough analysis to identify functions that can be effectively outsourced and those critical to retain in-house, thereby optimising the balance between internal and external capabilities.
  • Personalisation

    Engaging consumers effectively requires in-depth understanding of their preferences and behaviours. We utilise comprehensive 360˚ consumer profiles, augmented with AI systems and retail partnerships, to enable hyper-personalized targeting. This approach, adaptable across various channels, has the potential to be scaled significantly, capturing expansive market share.
  • Pricing and Net Revenue Management

    We offer strategies to enhance EBIT through pricing optimisations. This includes refining brand portfolio pricing, managing trade terms, and implementing dynamic pricing strategies that respond to consumer and supply chain dynamics.
  • Climate Change and Sustainability

    Sustainability offers a substantial opportunity for competitive differentiation across the value chain. We guide CPG companies in integrating sustainability into their core decision-making processes, aligning it with shareholder value enhancement.
  • Digital Transformation

    In the era of rapid technological advancement, digital transformation is not just an option but a necessity for CPG companies. Embracing digital transformation involves rethinking traditional business models and processes, leveraging technology to drive innovation, efficiency, and customer engagement. Our role is to assist CPG companies in navigating this complex landscape, identifying key digital initiatives that align with their strategic objectives, and implementing cutting-edge solutions that enable them to stay ahead in a highly competitive market. This holistic approach to digital transformation ensures that companies are not only prepared for the current digital era but are also poised to lead in the future.

Industry Insights


Typical efficiency saving from supply chain optimisation


CPG brands are twice as likely to overspend on marketing


Less likely to prioritise data and insights into their decision making

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