Infrastructure Cost Optimisation

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As data drives their investment strategies, controlling overhead costs is crucial for the company. The Fund turned to Covelent for help in optimising their AWS bill and preparing for future growth.

Their AWS bill represented a significant expense for the company, and as the scale of their data grew, they needed to ensure that their technical systems were scaling cost-effectively. Their tech team is spread across London, Singapore, and Lithuania, making collaboration and access to expert advice essential for controlling costs.

Covelent worked closely with the Fund's global tech team to identify specific changes that could help reduce AWS costs.

How We Helped

By examining their infrastructure, Covelent identified potential savings of 20-26%. The team also pointed out low-hanging fruit that they could address immediately, such as underutilised services that could be turned off to reduce costs. In addition to cost-saving measures, Covelent provided expert advice on AWS infrastructure, including Cloudwatch and Redshift, helping the Fund make informed decisions on how to build scalable and cost-effective infrastructure over time. They also offered guidance on tools to increase security, logging, and monitoring, as well as evaluating the options for AWS services, external services, or in-house solutions.

What they said

"The most helpful part was having access to Covelent as experts to answer questions about AWS infrastructure... things that may or may not help with saving money exactly, but will set us up to build infrastructure that will scale better with respect to cost over time." - Alfi Romusas, Chief Technology Officer

Key outcomes


Covelent's expertise helped the Fund optimise their AWS costs and set the stage for future growth. By implementing the recommended changes, they was able to save 20-26% on their AWS bill. In addition, Covelent's guidance on infrastructure and tools enabled them to build more scalable and cost-effective systems. Working with Covelent also saved the Fund valuable time by preventing them from pursuing dead ends and enabling faster decision-making. The seamless communication with Covelent through Slack and accommodating calls across various time zones made the collaboration smooth and efficient. With Covelent's help, the Fund is now better equipped to manage its AWS costs while continuing to scale its data-driven investment strategies and delivering risk-adjusted returns for its clients.

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