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It's not uncommon for traditional strategies to fall short in keeping pace with the dynamic changes around us today, leading businesses to miss critical opportunities and struggle to maintain a proactive stance in their sectors.

Strategy consulting is core to our identity at Covelent and we have carved a very clear and unique path. Our strategy consulting services are meticulously designed to drive value-creating, sustainable growth and profitability for our clients above all else. As a leading strategy consulting firm in London, we intimately understand the need for organisations to swiftly adapt to changing market dynamics and evolving customer needs. Our inherently unique approach combines data-driven insights with a deep understanding of industry trends, enabling us to develop strategies that position our clients for long-term success.

Our Approach To Strategy Consulting

Our approach is anchored in comprehensive and complete analysis of market dynamics, customer behaviour, and industry-leading best practices. We leverage advanced data analytics and build on proprietary methodologies and frameworks to uncover valuable and meaningful insights that inform our strategic recommendations. Our team of highly experienced strategy consultants embed tightly with clients to gain a thorough working understanding of their unique challenges and opportunities, tailoring our approach to their specific needs.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that effective business strategy should be a catalyst for growth, innovation, and sustained competitive advantage. We collaborate as much as possible with our clients to develop actionable strategies that align with their long-term goals, optimise capital allocation, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and agility. Our strategies are designed to be practical, actionable, and impactful, driving real value and enabling our clients to capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Our Strategy Consulting Offering

Covelent's strategy consulting services encompass a comprehensive range of offerings, spanning corporate strategy, business strategy, due diligence, and sales and marketing strategy.

1. Corporate Strategy: Our corporate strategy consulting services are focused on shaping the future of our clients' organisations. We work closely with leadership teams to define their corporate vision, craft robust portfolio strategies, and develop growth strategies that align with long-term objectives. Our approach to capital allocation, parenting strategy, and investor strategy are grounded in a deep understanding of market dynamics, enabling us to foster a culture of focused and strategic decision-making.

2. Business Strategy: At the business unit level, our business strategy consultants collaborate with clients to develop practical strategies that align with broader organisational objectives. We explore new business models, identify untapped customer segments, develop innovative offerings, and guide geographic expansion. By building new capabilities, we empower business units to adapt swiftly to market shifts, igniting a culture of continuous improvement and strategic agility.

3. Due Diligence: Businesses can grow organically and inorganically, and when significant investment decisions being considered a current and rich understanding of what this can mean for your business are critical to maximising value. Our due diligence process is both rigorous and comprehensive. We conduct thorough commercial, market, vendor, M&A, and platform evaluations to ensure that our clients are making informed decisions, effectively assessing risks and opportunities, and realising the envisioned value and synergies from their transactions.

4. Sales & Marketing Strategy: Our sales and marketing strategy services are designed to help our clients expand market share, enhance brand equity, and deepen customer loyalty. We guide organisations in navigating the complexities of market penetration and customer engagement, identifying lucrative market segments and crafting compelling value propositions. Our cohesive strategies address current market needs while positioning our clients for future opportunities.

At Covelent, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for organisations seeking to achieve sustainable growth and profitability. Our commitment to delivering actionable, data-driven strategies, combined with our deep industry expertise, enables us to provide our clients with a competitive edge in today's dynamic business environment.

Industry Insights

> 500

Our consultants have completed over 500 strategy engagements


Strategic decisions are 3x more likely to succeed when Covelent are engaged


Of strategies fail during formulation

Recent examples of our work
  • For a Government department, we advised on a wide reaching commercial strategy review
  • For a pan-European transport company we formulated a comprehensive growth strategy that leveraged customer-centric thinking
  • For a global manufacturer we developed a holistic growth strategy that saw profitability increase by 35%
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